• Waterproof mountain boots
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Warm clothes and change of clothes
  • Gloves and warm headgear
  • Suitable food and liquid

Safety in the Mountains

  • All our walks are led by experienced walk leaders. They have a great wealth of knowledge about the Glens area and carry all necessary equipment for the safety of the group.
  • Follow the leaders instructions at all times and do not detach yourself from the group.
  • Check the weather forecast but be prepared for all types of weather as the mountains are often unpredictable.

Hillwalking and the Environment

  • Leave no litter. All food including orange peels, banana skins etc should be taken away.
  • Pick up litter that you see. Avoid erosion by walking in the centre of a path so as not to widen the damage.
  • Do not disturb plants and animals.